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Team Challenge 

  • 4 driver minimum

  • Cars may be shared between drivers

  • The fastest runs of each driver on the team from both events will be tallied then divided by the number of drivers on that team to get an overall average time.

  • Team with the lowest average time wins!


Solo Challenge

  • 2WD and 4WD Class 

  • Drivers on teams may also enter in the Solo Challenge

  • Each driver's fastest runs from both events will be tallied to get an overall time. 

  • Driver with the lowest time wins!


Dirt 2 Asphalt Rules

  • The same car must be used at both events by the same drivers

  • Suspension, tire, engine and drivetrain changes are allowed between events (Cars competing in the 2WD or 4WD class must remain in the same drive configuration)

  • Any DOT street tire or “For competition use only” tire may be used. Tread cutting allowed for Rally X event

  • It is your responsibility to make sure your vehicle meets Rally X, Auto X, Club and venue specific rules when you arrive at each event. 

* Pax times or other indexed times are not used for Dirt 2 Asphalt, only "raw" times.


General Auto X & Rally X Rules Combined

  • All vehicles must be based on production passenger cars or light trucks. Eligibility is restricted to vehicles based on street-licensable, closed-bodied passenger cars and light trucks. Non-production-based vehicles that are of tube or box frame construction are explicitly forbidden. 

  • Have a minimum wheelbase (measured between front and rear wheel centres) of 152 cm (60 inches), a minimum front and rear track of 107 cm (42 in.), and a minimum wheel diameter of 25.4 cm (10 in.). 

  • EV vehicles are not permitted 

  • Be propelled by its own means, running on at least four wheels not aligned, which must always be in contact with the ground; the steering must be ensured by at least two wheels and the propulsion by at least two of the wheels.

  • Have a braking system that works on all four wheels simultaneously.

  • Vehicles with a high centre of gravity and a narrow track, including most SUVs, minivans, and 4WD pickups, are not eligible to compete. Any vehicle, which is taller than it is wide, is not eligible for competition.

  • All participants must wear seat belts/safety harnesses during all track sessions

  • All vehicles must be equipped with containment devices for all fluids. Where OEM systems have been removed, approved minimum one litre catch tanks for all fluids must be used

  • All loose items in the vehicle must be removed during the event (including from the trunk). 

  • Nitrous or Methanol injection not allowed

  • Items such as hub caps that may become detached from the car during competition must be removed. Snap-on hubcaps, detachable fender skirts and trim rings must be removed. 

  • Tires must be in good condition., with no cord or belts showing or cracks in the tread or sidewalls. 

  • Mechanical condition and safety of the vehicle is the responsibility of the competitor. 

  • Adequate muffling devices must be installed on all vehicles with a sound level to a maximum of 96 decibels unless there is a lower noise limit required for that facility/track

  • Open top (convertible) vehicles must have a fitted hard top and /or roll over protection approved by the regional scrutineer. If open top vehicles are not permitted at individual events that must be specified in the event’s supplementary regulations. 

  • Minimum three-point seat harnesses must be worn by drivers and passengers.

  • Approved Helmets:  FIA 8860-2010 / 8859-2015/ 8860-2018,  Snell 2010SA / 2010M (or newer) SAH 2010

  • For vehicles equipped with roll over protection: • Occupants must wear a helmet that meet the requirements  -FIA 8860-2010  -FIA 8859-2015 -FIA 8860-2018 Snell Foundation -SAH 2010 -SA 2010 -SA 2015 -SA 2020• A minimum of five-point safety harnesses for all occupants is required. There will be no expiry date restriction and harnesses must be in good condition with no visible defects.

Rally X Rules can be viewed Here  (Rally X rules Pages 171 - 178)

Auto X Rules can be viewed Here

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